Friday, March 11, 2011

I Do Nothing

Salam... thanks to akak yang bertungkus lumus bg menjayakan majlis... from preparation of hantaran till the end of the even.. Im felt so grand!...thanks ye kak.. To adik2 ipar yg juga byk membantu... hantar f&b kat homestay... layan parents baik... thank u so much.. thanks all...thank u!

It's my pleasure.. Just want the best for all of you.. mmg i suke the job.. hehe..

Ps: I think I do nothing.. tak sebertungkus lumus mcm mereka2 yg lain..
No need to thanks & I don't like to be thanked.

Don't forget to thank to our uncle & aunty yep.. Depa yg sgt bertungkus lumus. ;)

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