Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Method Statement for Tree Cutting

Work Methodology

Construction Procedure

  1. Project Quality Plan(PQP)
  2. Project Executive Plan (PEP)
  3. Integrated Management System Manual (IMS)
  4. Environmental Management Plan ((EMP)
  5. Safety & Health Management Plan
  6. Emergency& Response Plan (ERP)
  7. Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  8. Survey Quality Plan (SQP)
  9. Contract Specification
  10. Approved Construction Drawing
  11. Approved Shop Drawing
  12. Other Related Method Statement
  1. Nil
Plant and Equipment
  1. Crane (where required)
  2. Sky Lift
  3. Tipper Lorry
  4. ¾ inches Nylon Rope
  1. Site Engineer/Site Supervisor
  2. Foreman
  3. Crane Operator
  4. Sky Lift Operator
  5. Traffic Controller
  6. General Worker
Activities’ Pre-requisite
  1. Re-confirm with surveyor the actual line of ROW and the area was released for construction work site possession.
  2. Execute, piloting/locating of underground services to ensure the area is free from any live/in service utilities and these utilities will not get damage during site clearance work in progress. This inclusive of identify over-head services that may required extra precaution need to be exercised during trees cutting.
  3. Mark and carry out registration (inventory) of all trees or stakeholders’ vegetation within ROW that are to be removed/cut.
  4. Arrange and carry out site audit of prepared inventory with relevant parties/authorities for verification. Subsequent to this event, forward the verified inventory list to obtain approval from relevant authorities for cutting of registered trees. This inclusive of identify other nearby properties that may required extra precaution need to be exercised during trees cutting.
  5. Request Traffic Management to organize required planning and obtaining appropriate approval for road/line temporary close.
  6. Administrate relocation of utilities if there are over head lines within the work area which are affecting/obstructing trees cutting activities.

Cutting of Trees
  1. Ensure all requirements stated in specification are implemented and accordingly approved for trees cutting activities.
  2. Activate Traffic Controller, and mobilise required machinery/equipment to work site.
  3. Execute pruning of the whole tree and cutting of branches shall only to be carried out for branches size not more than 50mm in diameter for area which near to public/traffic. In all event of tree cutting, sky lift must be used and only for chain saw operator. Using of sky lift for lifting or lowering of loads is prohibited.
  4. As the pruning work completed, carry out cutting of leftover branches for the length of not more than stated in specification (cut into a length suited to fit the dump truck for hauling and disposal). Where required ¾ inches Nylon Rope is to be used to control the fall of off cut branch. Cutting of bigger diameter more than 350mm of tree branches/trunks must be carried out with assistance of suitable crane.
  5. Dig up the earth on the front portion of the trunk until its main roots are exposed and extracted. With the use of backhoe, excavate the stump until it is uprooted. Ensure that the backhoe is positioned in a way that when the tree is pushed, it will fall completely to the ground without hitting or falling on other objects.

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