Thursday, June 22, 2017

Method Statement for Pile Integrity Test (PIT)

Work Methodology

  1. Not applicable

Plant and Equipment
  1. PIT-Collector
  2. Accelerometer
  3. Rubber Tip Hammer
  1. Site Engineer
  2. Site Supervisor
  3. General Worker
  4. Traffic Management Personnel
Construction Procedure

Traffic Management
  1. All related signages and traffic devices need to be arranged on site before commencement of work on site. Please refer  to Traffic Management Plan.
Transportation (Mobilisation of Plants and Equipments)
  1. During mobilisation of plants and equipments, proper traffic management need to be carried out and control. This is to ensure that the traffic was not affected by the movement of the mobilisation activities. The unloading of plants and equipments shall be done carefully.
Pile Head Preparation
  1. The specialist engineer shall ensure that the pile head shall be clean, free from water, laitance, loose concrete, overspilled concrete and blinding concrete and be readily accessible for the purpose of testing.
Test Procedure
  1. Request for Inspection (RFI) shall be submitted online not later than 5.00 pm or 24 hours before date and time of inspection to be conducted based on the Consultant working day (Monday to Saturday). RFIs on Sunday or Monday need to be submitted to the Consultant by Friday.
  2. Low strain integrity testing should only be carried out on cast in-situ piles after (seven) 7 days or more from the date of pile casting unless otherwise approved.
  3. The accelerometer (which is connected to the PIT-Collector) is attached onto the pile by an adhesive medium (vaseline or grease).
  4. A handheld rubber tip hammer is impacted on to the pile top to generate a “low strain” compressive impact wave downward the pile.
  5. The PIT-Collector will graphically display the velocity records.
Data Interpretation and Reporting
  1. The interpretation of the test records shall be carried out by an engineer with at least three (3) years experience in dynamic pile testing. Major faults existing within the effective length shall be quickly identified and made known.
  2. A full report shall be prepared within 7 days from the completion of testing.
  3. The report shall include the plotted results and the specialist interpretation.

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