Monday, July 3, 2017

Method Statement for Rectification of Honeycomb

Work Methodology

Construction Procedure

  1. Project Quality Plan(PQP)
  2. Project Executive Plan (PEP)
  3. Integrated Management System Manual (IMS)
  4. Environmental Management Plan ((EMP)
  5. Safety & Health Management Plan
  6. Emergency& Response Plan (ERP)
  7. Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  8. Survey Quality Plan (SQP)
  9. Contract Specification
  10. Approved Construction Drawing
  11. Approved Shop Drawing
  12. Other Related Method Statement
  1. Estogrout MP50
  2. Estogrout MP70
  3. Estobond Acryl
Plant and Equipment
  1. Chipping Hammer
  2. Concrete Cutter
  3. Air Compressor
  1. Site Engineer
  2. Site Supervisor
  3. General Worker
Construction Procedure
  1. Chipped off and remove of all unsound and cracked concrete until to the sound concrete.
  2. Cut the perimeter of repair area to be at least 12mm depth to prevent feather edging.
  3. Clean loose dirt and dust from the prepared surface using air compressor and clean water.
  4. Mix the Estogrout MP50 with water and Estobond Acryl as bonding agent by using supplier recommended mix proportion for general repair on honeycomb that is not exceeding 15mm in thickness or at larger area bigger than a palm of hand size.
  5. Patch grout mix onto the prepared concrete surface and continue patching in sequence until the entire surface is filled with grout.
  6. Otherwise, mix the Estogrout MP70 with water by using supplier recommended mix proportion if the honeycombing is extensive and penetrates down to the reinforcement or even deeper.
  7. Install grout tight formwork and secures formwork with suitable ties. Pump grout mix into the formwork assembly through the inlet ports and continue grouting in sequence until the entire formwork is filled with grout.
  8. After the grouting has set by next day, execute required cleaning, dismantled formwork.
  9. To make good final finished surface the joint required to grinding.
  10. Finally surface will be painted with anti-carbonation painted product by Estop “ESTOTECT MMA”.

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