Thursday, July 6, 2017

Method Statement for Rectification of Shrinkage Crack

Work Methodology

Construction Procedure

  1. Project Quality Plan(PQP)
  2. Project Executive Plan (PEP)
  3. Integrated Management System Manual (IMS)
  4. Environmental Management Plan ((EMP)
  5. Safety & Health Management Plan
  6. Emergency& Response Plan (ERP)
  7. Traffic Management Plan (TMP)
  8. Survey Quality Plan (SQP)
  9. Contract Specification
  10. Approved Construction Drawing
  11. Approved Shop Drawing
  12. Other Related Method Statement
  1. Nitofill EPLV or equivalent
Plant and Equipment
  1. Air Compressor
  2. Electrical Rotary Mixer
  1. Site Supervisor
  2. General Worker
Construction Procedure
  1. The surface shall be cleaned and any dust and unsound material shall be removed.
  2. The cracks and treated surface shall be blown with air compressor to make it dry and clean.
  3. After preparation concrete surface done, entire hardener and base resin contents shall be thoroughly mixed until liquid becomes clear.
  4. The mix resin shall be applied till the shrinkage crack line is being filled.
  5. The filling shall be allowed to cure for 24 hours and shall be left undisturbed for this time.
  6. A set of grout cube to be taken and tested for 7 days.

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