Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Can U Help Me?

A = engineer
B = clerk
C = clerk
D = lab technician
E = PM

A from lab (after CBR) go to office bring rfi together. Will prepare for MS for RC Pile.
D still busy to fill the rfi for tomorrow, a day after tomorrow & for next week works.
B & C surfing the internet, fb-ing, etc.

A: B, can you help me? Please photostate this form when u're free, yeah.
B: Ada kerja ni. *buat muka*
A: Bukan nak sekarang. When u free u photostate la..

C: A, dah tu before ni sape yg photostate?
A: D yg photostate. But now keje dah byk. Tak sempat nak buat semua ni. *terbarailah kalau nak buat semua*

A: Fine, I'll ask E to settle. *whispering-just enough for me to hear*

B&C look like don't wanna help by giving reasons.
A berlalu dgn membawa rfi masuk ke officenya semula.

Owhhh..rasa sangat panas...layan ABC lagi bagossss...

ABC & pisang goreng yg digoreng menggunakan dapur kayu

How to deal with people who like to give a lot of reasons?


mylifemythotz said...

orang yg macam tue memang sempit rezeki... bersabar jer lah...

Afraliza Yusof said...

heee..sabar..buat sendiri lg puas hati..

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