Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stay Away from Me!!!

Why u always approaching me?
I'm not convenient when u are around..
Sometimes u make me shy..hehe..
Sometimes u make me tension too..
Will u make me happy??
I dont think so..haha..

I try to be nice with u..
But u're too much on this month..

Kalau u sorg2 je x pe..
Tapi u ajak sekali your family n friends to meet me..

Jgn sampai i menggunakan kekerasan!!!

May n June ni byk wedding i kene attend tau..
Behave yourself huh!!!
Don' be jeleous with me..


Arifah said...

Hahahah! Ingat ape tadi...kelakar kak af nih..

afraliza said...

haha..ade comment rupenye..tu la pasal chepah..nak release tension..mcm ni la jadinye..

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