Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Posto Posto

Got this parcel last Monday..

Guess what inside?

Jeng . . jeng . . jeng . .

Serunding Daging

Actually I was craved for the Serunding Daging since last month..(mengalahkan org pegnen)..ceh!!!
Then asked my friend, Anum to buy for me..(sje je nak get contacted)..
It's hard to find here..hehe..
She lives @ Terengganu..
So she bought and courier to me..
Thanks Anum..
Luv u sooo much..

Eastcoast people call it by Sambal Daging..

Sedapnye mkn dgn nasi panas..
Sedapnye mkn dgn pulut kuning..
Sedapnye mkn dgn ketupat..
Sedapnye mkn dgn lemang..

Rasa mcm nak raya pulak..

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