Friday, July 16, 2010

Malu Lagi

Hey, these 2 ladies gonna sing a song today.. (As n I)..

Sir Rob announces in front of the contractors, labours..

Dapat tepukan n sorakan yg gemuruh ..

Coz come late to the celebration..haha..

Aduss..walk in front of the stage lagi..

Malunye..galmour gak sekejap..

Ape boleh buat..redah je la..then senyum2..

Sir Rob just make fun with us..


Ingat betul2..

Then got an email from Helen

Wah..glamour with Rina this morning eh ? hahaha..

Best regards,

Helen Goh


Anyway congratulations for 2M Safe Manhours..

Credit to SunPower, the Consultants, the Contractors and the others as concern in order to achieve the target..

Got T-Shirt n KFC..

Next target is 3M Safe Manhours..

psstt: maybe I'm no longer there..

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