Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Annoying Widow..

Last Monday..

Went to Clinic (Govt) @ Masjid Tanah..dah lama x p govt clinic..sje try..
Not feeling well..

Met Dr. MJ..
Tak sempat I nak explain what am I feel at that time..Dr. MJ dah interupt..

Every nx explanation pun Dr. MJ cpt2 interupt..aduss..
Style dia ckp sgt annoying..
Mcm tu ke?
Last2 I zip je my mouth..bebellah kamu sorg2..

I'm a patient..
I know u're Dr. but treat patient gently..aiyark!!!
I know U know all the symptoms..

My neighbor pun de ckp pasal this Dr.
Ckit pun dia x pndg my neighbor tu..ishh2..

Sgt annoying la this widow..sgt loghat lah this widow..
Pangkah to the clinic n Dr..

P private clinic lg best..
Service yg best..
Boley claim lg..

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