Friday, June 4, 2010

You are Great!!!

Yesterday..met my old friend,
Weni @ Sungai Udang..almost 2 yrs didn't see each other..

When 2 friends meeting..ape lg..bergosip2 la..
Update diri masing2..
Story mory prob masing2..sesi meluahkan perasaan..

Erm..Weni makin berisi..bermaksud tu..hehe..dia pregnant lg..Alhamdulillah..harap2 dpt baby gurl plak kali nih..moga dgn kehadirannya akan bertambah rezeki kamu 1 famili..

Wish you all da best..
Jgn sedih2..
Setiap apa yg berlaku ade hikmahnye..
You are strong are courageous person..that's why la kamu diberi ujian yg sebegitu rupa..bcoz only you which can face it..

You are great, Weni!!!


cindir-rela said...

hurm..i always love strong woman..coz im included:)

afraliza said...

owh really Miss cinder-rela?..erm..only the selected person yg btol2 strong..i'm just admire Miss Strong..hehe..

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