Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Window Shopping..

Why huh @ this time must be a window shopping? really??..Owh..baru teringat..we wanna accompany As before she going back to hotel..nobody @ hotel bcoz William, Neoh n Zura attending a seminar..

Mcm biasa..berposing-posingan in a car..

@ parking lot pun still berposing..

As usual, rite after work we all terus ke 2nd Jusco @ Melaka..and as usual jgk tggu Ida smpai..dia abes kje kol 6pm..So while waiting 4 Ida p ronda2 and usha2 bju..

yeay!!! Ida dah smpai..

After Ida smpai, we all terus p ke Burger King..wanna try "THE ANGRY WHOPPER"..erm..not bad la..xde la berapi mcm dlm pic nih..but i prefer WHOPPER..no angry2 huh..[[cashiernye terover mesra alam la pulak..mcm2 yg nak disuggestnye..]]

After got our meal, p ronda2 lagi..At 1st nak window shopping je..last2..ambik ko..de jgk benda yg terbeli..hehee..

B4 balik, singgah jap @ J.CO..teringin nak mkn donatnye..erm..deep down inside hope that the incident occur @ Penang won't be happened again..Fuh!!!ok2..thumb up for the service..

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