Sunday, April 18, 2010

Big Cute Little Sister..

Ekin...she is my lil sis..very chubby..she is going to seat for SPM this yr (just around the corner)..she is studying @ 1 of boarding school @ Melaka..SBPI Selandar..

Mcm biasa, once a month mesti blk rmh..ape namanye?..balik wajib lah..ape lagi..and FYI, I'm her driver..fetch her (sometimes) and send her (always)..

Smpai rumah teros tidoq..balas dendam la tu..biasa la student..mcm i dolu2..spe yg ade experience student life je yg paham..

Restu from mummy..penting tu..melawan dulu sblm tu..then mintak maaf blk..huhu..

Ekin with along yg comel..

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