Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Butterfly in My Stomach

Since last week i experienced this situation.
Fuhhh!!! Uncomfortable.
Tak senang duduk.
Buat itu tak kena buat ini tak kena.

Whether i'll hear a bad or gud news. Dun know.
Till yesterday i got a call that i had accepted to work at KL.

Then just now got a call from my previous company to attend another interview.
Weeee...Wanna try.
Need to apply leave.
Whether approve or not?
Just wait....
If approve i'll go.
If not just mention them that i can't. *huhu*

At last got a call from Melissa that the interview postponed.
Ermmm... don't feel like to attend the interview anymore.


BudaKamponGugup said...

good luck...

Afraliza Yusof said...

TQ a'a. Org lain sume dah dpt kje yg stable. I je yg still tercari2.

alina neko said...

dapat keje kat kl?! wow! same company ke company laen?
gud luck interview!! :)

Afraliza Yusof said...

ime,company lain. bolehlah berxtvt sama2 lg. intvw di PPE. hehe. seganlah pulak. tq

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